Methodist Cursillo of Mississippi
2018 Secretariat Members

Executive Committee    
Chairman     Danny Ward
Past Chairman   David Morrow
Secretary     Shelly Roberts
Treasurer     Ron Bailey and Lowery Germany
Registrar     Cindy Jones
At Large Representatives    
Greg Campbell    
Jonie Duncan    
Mark Duncan      
Linda Foreman      
Terry Foreman      
Chris Foster      
Donna Foster      
Gerrie Harris
Robert Harris
Mina Lightsey
Carole McIlwain      
Philip McIlwain      
Tanya Mohawk   North MS
Sara Morrow   Sarah Billingsley
Antoinette Raggio   Jerry Lightsey
Barbie Scales   Jean Pinion
Bo Scales   Rusty Rasberry
Vickey Ward Ray Weatherly
Advisory   Committee    
General Palanca   Angela Sellers
Music     Gail Armstrong
Spiritual Director   Jim Porter
Physical Property   Karyn Brannan
Pre-Cursillo Rep   Mina Lightsey
Post Cursillo Rep   Angela Sellers
Property Manager   Greg Campbell
Newsletter/Web Manager Jane Brown